Landmark Stone International specializes in providing custom projects unique and high-quality materials of domestic and imported origin.

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Our Expertise Extends From Quality Sourcing Through Project Completion

Timeless White Marble

Custom White Marble by Landmark Stone International

Landmark Stone International specializes in providing a vast selection of white marbles from specific quarries around the world.

Unique Stone Portfolio

Landmark Stone International has a wide variety of unique stone products

Classical materials, unique finishes and contemporary design trends are expressed in this boutique collection

Custom Project Specialists

Landmark Stone International is your Custom Project Specialist

We supply luxury projects that strive for powerful and artistic expressions in natural stone

Services & Expertise

Unique, global partnerships combine artistry and technical support through the transformation of stone on your projects

Our Traditions in Stone

LSI is the first and only North American distributor to provide a global portfolio of GREEN and Recycled Natural Stone Products. As a manufacturer and an importer, LSI supplies stone paving, wall veneers, custom cut, carved stone for building and landscape projects. A large number of highly skilled local and international quarries, fabricators and artisans are part of the network of Landmark Stone International.

Our diverse resources make your commercial and residential ideas possible, no matter how difficult, large or small. Landmark projects require timeless and special materials. LSI combines modern service solutions, enabling efficiency, economy and unparalleled customization for all of your stone needs.